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Appointments are not necessary. The appraiser will take receipt of your jewellery and gemstones for assessment. You will be given an acknowledgement of receipt and the appraiser will inform you about the minimum time required, the likely completion date and the anticipated costs of the expert opinion.

The costs are 1% of the estimated value, as a minimum, the time involved (hourly rate) plus processing charges and VAT. For detailed information on our fees, please contact our experts.

They will be happy to inform you about the minimum time required when taking receipt of your items. If the item(s) is/are sold by the Dorotheum, the fee will be refunded on a proportionate basis. Experience shows us that items sell for a much better price with an expert opinion/certificate.

There are many situations in which it is advantageous to have an expert valuation prepared, including:

  • To achieve the best possible sale price
  • As proof in insurance claims
  • For court or customs proceedings
  • When providing security for loans
  • When making donations
  • In inheritance matters etc.

If it is found that the fee is disproportionate to the value of the item, the appraiser will inform you.

Verbal valuations (estimates) are another option and these are also charged on a time basis.

6 buying and selling tips:

  • Buy jewellery and gemstones from an established jeweller or at a well-known auction house. When buying jewellery online or privately, it is advisable to have the quality investigated and the price checked.
  • Look for the hallmark on pieces of jewellery. For more on this, see the section entitled "What do I need to know about hallmarks".
  • Larger diamonds and gemstones of a good quality should have a certificate. We will be happy to provide you with an expert opinion or certificate in our Jewellery Laboratory.
  • For high-quality, branded watches, please always keep the certificate, warranty certificate and box safe as they can increase the value of your watch.
  • When buying jewellery in countries outside the EU, be sure to declare them at customs. If the jewellery is sold by a commercial reseller, these customs documents will be needed.
  • When buying jewellery abroad, bear in mind that subsequent complaints can often prove difficult. We will be happy to produce a valuation report upon your return.

Retail replacement value

This trade level indicates the market value of an item of jewellery or a precious stone that a consumer would have to pay in a normal, specialist store in a good location, including VAT at 20%. Price discounts cannot be taken into account when calculating the replacement value, as they differ from one store to the next and, in the case of an insurance claim, it must be possible to replace the item without a price discount.


Fair market value (purchase and sale) between private individuals

This trade level is used when a piece of jewellery or precious stone is bought or sold privately. This is calculated at a significant discount compared to the retail replacement value, as a private individual does not have to pay VAT on such a sale, nor does a private individual incur the other costs of a retail business.


Realisable value

This value is used when a piece of jewellery or gemstone is sold by a private individual to a commercial reseller (e.g. jeweller, antiques dealer). It must be borne in mind with this value that the reseller pays immediately and therefore assumes the storage risk. Because of these drawbacks, for this trade level a significant discount is calculated on the retail replacement value.

The international standards for the criteria that determine the quality of diamonds are known as the 4 Cs: these 4 Cs stand for Carat, Clarity, Colour and Cut and can be determined by our Jewellery Laboratory.

At the Dorotheum, however, there is an equally important, fifth C: this stands for Confidence.


Dorotheum diamond guide - the 5 Cs

In Austria, a piece of jewellery must bear two hallmarks: one indicating the grade and one indicating responsibility (e.g. of the jeweller/goldsmith), although there are exceptions to this. The grade hallmark indicates the quality of a precious metal alloy.


The grade is a ratio indicating how much precious metal is contained in thousandths of an alloy, e.g. for gold: 585 = 14 Carat, 750 = 18 Carat


This is regulated by law in Austria



Do you want to know how much your piece of
jewellery or gemstone is worth? Do you need an expert opinion or a certificate?
The specialists in our Jewellery Laboratory are there to assist you!


The Dorotheum offers one of the
best-equipped, state-of-the-art gemmological laboratories in the world. Highly
skilled experts and technical expertise assure you of constant quality control
to international standards.


The quality of our expert opinions and
certificates is backed up by the state recognition awarded by the Federal
Ministry of Science, Research and the Economy.


Do you want to know how much your piece of
jewellery is worth in the current market? Or whether the stones are genuine? Do
you want to buy or sell, have jewellery you bought in a holiday destination
checked or submit items for auction? If so, an expert opinion or a certificate
is the ideal decision-making aid.

Expert opinions are needed as proof in
insurance claims, in court or customs proceedings, as security for loans, when
making donations and in inheritance matters and many other situations.


Because we work with international
gemmological laboratories, national and international diamond experts and
gemmologists, the Federal Gemmological Institute at the Museum of Natural
History, and the Institute of Mineralogy and Crystallography at the University
of Vienna, we are able to produce analyses of superior quality.


We will be happy to advise you free of charge on the expert assessment process and the fee you can expect to pay. If you live outside Vienna, you can also take your valuable items to one of our Dorotheum branches near you. Your local contact person will be happy to forward them to our Jewellery Laboratory. Alternatively, you can send your valuables to us directly at the address below, by registered post.


If you decide within six weeks of the expert opinion being produced to sell these items at auction, the fee for the expert opinion may be reimbursed on a proportionate basis following the sale.

Dorian |Eckmann

"Precious stones are one
of my passions."

Head of the Jewellery Laboratory

Head of the Jewellery Laboratory, GIA Graduate Coloured Stones Diploma, European Gemmologist FEEG, SSEF-Scientific Gemmology Certificate, diamond appraiser, WIFI-Austria gemmologist


"Jewellery has always
fascinated me."

Appraiser at the Jewellery Laboratory

Appraiser, gold and silversmith, European Gemmologist FEEG, diamond appraiser, WIFI-Austria gemmologist