Using your valuable item to obtain an instant secured loan.


Using the example calculator, you can find out immediately what size of loan you could receive for your items of jewellery.


The grade is a ratio indicating how much precious metal is contained in thousandths of an alloy.
e.g. for gold: 585 = 14 Carat, 750 = 18 Carat

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"By pawning my jewellery at the

Dorotheum, I was able to gain more financial leeway without a credit check and

finally take the step of becoming self-employed."




  • Increases your financial capabilities
  • Fair and professional valuation
  • Cash fast, easily and discretely
  • Even small amounts
  • You remain debt-free
  • No guarantees needed
  • Jewellery remains your property


Money fast with minimal paperwork!
 There's no quicker and easier way to raise cash. Bring your valuable item to us as collateral. Our experts will value it while you wait and you will be paid the amount of the secured loan instantly, in cash. You get the money quickly and discretely. We don't ask you why you need it. You don't need any guarantees and don't have to provide any bank account details. You have no debts, because the item you pledge serves as the sole collateral for your secured loan, not you. With the money, you are given a "pawn ticket", which is a negotiable instrument and guarantees that your collateral is securely stored until you collect it. The ideal solution, even for small amounts.

  • Gold, platinum, palladium or silver jewellery with or without diamonds/gemstones, selected branded jewellery
  • Wristwatches, pocket watches
  • Loose diamonds and gemstones are appraised at our highly skilled jewellery laboratory, according to international standards.
  • Gold coins, gold bullion, medals

The staff of Dorotheum Pawnbrokers will be happy to advise you whether an item is suitable as collateral for a secured loan.

Tel: 01/515 60 DW 276


The Dorotheum is the biggest marketplace in Austria for privately-owned jewellery and, with this experience, is able to provide you with the best possible valuation for your jewellery. The Dorotheum's experts appraise the valuables while you wait, determining the current value based on various factors such as condition, value of materials, fashion trends, etc. The amount of the secured loan is derived from this, and will be around 60-80% of the realisable value. The loan is paid out in cash.

A pawn ticket is a negotiable instrument, showing the duration, loan amount and information about the valuable item accepted. Pawn tickets are issued anonymously, i.e. not made out to a particular name. The Dorotheum can hand over the item concerned to any person who presents a pawn ticket, once the fees due have been paid, so it is in the interests of every borrower to keep the pawn ticket in a safe place.

You decide the duration - up to three months plus a two-month grace period. You have the option to renew the duration or redeem the pledge. If you do not wish to do this, we start taking steps to sell the item.

Your valuable items will be handed over to you immediately on presentation of the original pawn ticket and full payment of the loan including interest and charges.

The costs depend on the duration you choose. They are broken down into interest (0.5% per half-month) and charges (0.75% per half-month for safekeeping and insurance) and a small pawn ticket fee (=processing fee) which is deducted from the loan.


Example: two-month duration

Loan: EUR 200

Processing fee: EUR 2.90
Interest: EUR 4
Charges: EUR 6



After two months, for an amount of EUR 200, you pay just EUR 10 in interest and charges.

Pledges that are not redeemed will be sold at the best price, following a grace period, to cover the loan. Once the item has been successfully sold, we will provide you with a final statement on request. If a surplus is achieved on the sale or auction, you can withdraw this in cash using the original pawn ticket. Any losses, however, will be borne by the Dorotheum and will mean that no additional payment can be made to the person presenting the pawn ticket.

A pawn ticket is an anonymous, negotiable instrument entitling any person who presents it to redeem the goods. For this reason, it is absolutely vital that you keep the pawn ticket in a safe place. If, however, you do lose a pawn ticket, please contact your pawnbroking branch, quoting the pawn ticket number. You can then arrange for the pledged item to be blocked by making an official notification of loss.