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loan secured against your car is calculated

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Examples for instant loans


"Due to changing job, I needed money

fast for a couple of months. I pledged my car at the Dorotheum in order to

retain my financial flexibility and my mobility."




  • Fair valuation
  • Cash quickly, easily and conveniently
  • Even small amounts
  • You remain debt-free
  • No guarantees needed
  • You can continue making full use of your car!


You continue to use your car + get cash in the form of a quick, secured loan. 
There's no quicker and easier way to raise cash. You visit us with your vehicle and we value it according to the Eurotax list while you wait. Please bring the second key and the necessary additional documents with you and the amount of the loan will be paid out instantly, in cash. You get the money quickly and discretely. We don't ask you why you need it. You don't need any guarantees and don't have to provide any bank account details.

The ideal solution for short-term finance.

  • Cars
  • Estate cars
  • Off-road vehicles
  • Vans
  • Tractors and agricultural equipment
  • Camper vans*
  • Classic cars*
  • Motorbikes*

*Motorbikes can be used as collateral if garaged (Vehicle Technology Centre in Vösendorf or Traun).

If the vehicle does not appear on the Eurotax list, it may be used as collateral on the basis of an expert valuation.

  • Second key
  • Driver's licence
  • Zulassungsschein (vehicle registration papers)
  • Typenschein (logbook)
  • Valid Section 57a inspection report ("Pickerl")
  • Meldezettel (residence registration form)
  • Contract of sale or invoice with receipt
  • For companies: current extract from the Commercial Register (or trading licence)
  • For foreigners: Passport with residence permit
  • Insurance policies with latest payment slip



Additional conditions:

  • The vehicle is in roadworthy condition
  • You are the owner of the vehicle
  • You have your normal residence in Austria


We value your vehicle based on the internationally recognised Eurotax list for trade value and calculate our loan on the basis of a maximum of 60% of that value. The money is paid out to you instantly, in cash.

A pawn ticket is a negotiable instrument, showing the duration, loan amount and information about the valuable item accepted.

You decide the duration - which is up to one month plus a one month grace period. You have the option to renew the duration or redeem the pledge. If you do not wish to do this, we start taking steps to sell the item.

Your car documents and second key will be handed over to you immediately on presentation of the original pawn ticket and full payment of the loan including interest and charges.

The costs depend on the duration you choose. They are broken down into interest (1 % per half-month) and charges based on continued use (1.25% per half-month) and a pawn ticket fee (=processing fee) which is deducted from the loan.


Example: two-month duration

Loan: EUR 1,000

Processing fee: EUR 15

Interest: EUR 40

Charges: EUR 50


After two months, for an amount of EUR 1,000, you pay just EUR 90 in interest and charges.

It is absolutely vital that you keep the pawn ticket in a safe place. If, however, you do lose a pawn ticket, please contact your pawnbroking branch, quoting the pawn ticket number. You can then arrange for the pledged item to be blocked by making an official notification of loss.